BTS: Learning To Fly

Behind-the-scenes videos aren’t always pretty, as you can see here! Let me explain…

We recently purchased a quadcopter camera rig in order to expand our shooting capabilities into the aerial photography arena. Wanting to play around with it (boys & their toys, right!?) I brought it home from work with me and was flying it with my kids. They thought it was great, up until a massive burst of wind came along, causing me to lose control of the rig, and sending it smashing into the roof and subsequently falling to the cement patio below. In the video you can even hear my son scolding me because I crashed it!

All four propellers were shredded, and the motorized gimbal was destroyed. $450 later we were up and running again, ouch! The silver lining in all of this (besides a cool crash video) is that we were able to replace the damaged 2-axis gimbal with a just-released 3-axis gimbal for even smoother video quality. Stay tuned for our next aerial post featuring some sample shots with our updated rig (and a more experienced pilot)!

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