BTS: Audio Noise Reduction Magic

We always strive to get clean production audio, but sometimes it just simply isn’t possible due to the location.

In this project we were filming at a Harmon’s grocery store. You may not think that a grocery store is noisy, but we’ve filmed in several, and they are all VERY noisy. In addition to the talking customers and squeaking carts, you have massive commercial fridges and freezers that create a constant white noise, rendering the production audio nearly un-usable, even with our high-end professional microphones.

Typically we would ADR the dialogue afterwards in order to get a clean plate, but with this project we didn’t have the time or budget for it. This is where digital noise reduction and audio re-mixing come in.

Our skilled editors take the production audio, and with some powerful tools, are able to clean up the audio with outstanding results. Check out the sample video to hear for yourself!


Filming the Scene

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