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We’re the filmmaking experts, but YOU are the executive producer. We’re unique because we actually listen to and value your input, feedback, and suggestions as we work. Our many years of successful marketing and filmmaking experience, together with your ideas and vision, is what produces unbelievable results!

We’re not “just filmmakers” like many of our competitors. We meticulously plan and produce targeted video that is viewer-centric and ROI-driven. This results in compelling content that entertains and engages, all while delivering high-impact, measurable results.


Without a doubt our greatest asset is our team of passionate filmmakers and business professionals who love and excel at what they do! Our mixed backgrounds give us each unique areas of expertise, which means on every project you’ll receive the best that we have to offer!

“Creatives” are infamously difficult to work with, but not us! We’re humble, professional people with a great sense of humor, which means we’re a fun and easy group to work with.


We own the latest in professional filmmaking equipment from industry leaders like Canon, Sony, GoPro, DJI, and more. We’ve got everything needed to produce your video, including RAW 4K digital cinema cameras, tack-sharp prime & zoom lenses, a dolly, jib, steadicam, 3-axis gimbal, aerial drone, slider, and a truckload of lights, mics, sticks, stands, and grip gear.

Our post-production workstations are loaded with all the latest industry-standard software including the Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Studio, DaVinci Resolve, and Cinema4D, to ensure that our designers, artists, & editors have the most powerful media creation tools at their fingertips.


Market Vision Media is a Utah-based, privately-owned company. We’re conveniently located in southern Davis County, just ten minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. We serve clients throughout the Wasatch Front and across the country.

Originally named “Blacksand Studios”, we’ve worked with everyone from new startups to Fortune-1oo’s since we set up shop in 2005. Unparalleled customer service and complete satisfaction have always been very important to us.  This is why most of our clients become clients for life!

Award-Winning? Indeed!

Blowing away our clients is priority number one, but having the excellence of our work validated and recognized by the biggest names in the industry is a nice bonus! Since late 2013 we’ve entered a bunch of our recent projects into various international film, video, and marketing competitions, and really cleaned house! Every competition is different, but the judging criteria typically covers professional execution, technical quality, content, and creativity.

 2015 Summit Awards – CWI
 2015 Videographer Awards – Renatus
 2015 Videographer AwardsResp. Fdn.
 2015 Omni AwardsResponsibility Foundation
 2015 Aurora AwardsAction Target
  2015 Creativity AwardsAction Target
  2015 Communicator AwardsRenatus
  2015 Hermes AwardsCulinary Wine Institute
  2015 TIVFA AwardsAction Target
 2015 TIVFA AwardsRenatus
  2014 Aurora AwardsBoondocks
  2014 Omni AwardsCulinary Wine Institute
  2014 Creativity AwardsCWI
  2015 Davey AwardsCulinary Wine Institute
 Best Of 2015Thumbtack
  2015 MarCom AwardsBoondocks
 2015 Summit AwardsAction Target
 2015 Videographer Awards – CWI
 2015 Omni AwardsAction Target
 2015 Telly AwardsCoca-Cola
  2015 Communicator AwardsCoca-Cola
  2015 Communicator AwardsCWI
 2015 Hermes AwardsRenatus
 2015 TIVFA AwardsRenatus
  2014 IAAPA AwardsBoondocks
  2014 Telly AwardsRenatus
  2014 Omni AwardsRenatus
 2014 Creativity AwardsRenatus
 2013 Aurora AwardsCulinary Wine Institute
  2015 Davey AwardsBoondocks
  2015 MarCom AwardsRenatus
  2015 MarCom AwardsCWI
 2015 Videographer Awards – Action Target
 2015 Videographer Awards – Boondocks
 2015 Omni AwardsRenatus
 2015 Telly AwardsCulinary Wine Institute
  2015 Communicator AwardsBoondocks
  2015 Hermes AwardsBoondocks
 2015 Hermes AwardsAction Target
 2015 TIVFA AwardsBoondocks
  2014 Aurora AwardsRenatus
  2014 Telly AwardsBoondocks
  2014 Omni AwardsBoondocks
 2014 Creativity AwardsBoondocks
 2015 W3 AwardsBoondocks
  2015 Davey AwardsRenatus
  2015 MarCom AwardsResponsibility Foundation

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