5 Reasons To Hire A Video Professional

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I’ve got a video camera, why do I need to bring in a team like Market Vision Media? This is a question that some of our customers have had over the years. In the above video you can see an excerpt of a marketing piece that one of our clients produced internally compared to the new version that we made for them. The client in this video runs a very successful law office, and they really excel in their field of expertise. They made a smart choice to finally bring in the pro’s to ensure that they made a positive first impression to potential customers online.

Tools Are Dumb

Frequently people put too much focus on the model of camera being used. Are you using camera model X or camera model Y? I heard that Y is better! If I gave you Michelangelo’s paint brush set would you be able to replicate the Sistene Chapel? All the equipment and gear we use are “dumb” tools until they are in the hands of an experienced professional, at which point they come to life.

Even though the tools are dumb, it still is essential to have the right tool for the job. We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment over the years and continue to do so, in order to make sure we have the latest and greatest filmmaking tools at our fingertips. If we had outdated equipment it would be pretty difficult to stay competitive in our industry!

Why You Should Hire A Pro

I could write an essay as to why hiring a professional is the smartest option for you, but in the interest of time, I’ve condensed it down to five simple reasons why you should consider a professional!

  1. Strategic Planning
    Long before the cameras turn on there are many important things to consider: Does your location give credibility to your message? Are your thoughts organized and condensed for brevity and impact? Are you branding yourself correctly to your target demographic?
  2. Visual Style
    This goes far beyond simply selecting the right camera and lens. How will the framing and perspective help communicate your message? How will the lighting set the tone of the video? How intimate/personal do you want the video to be for the viewer?
  3. Audio Quality
    There simply is no match for a correctly positioned, quality condenser microphone. Poor audio quality is one of the biggest turnoffs for a viewer. Does your audio setup allow you to speak in a conversational tone? Is the ambient room noise noticeable? Can you get crystal clean audio without an ugly microphone in the shot?
  4. Performance Coaching
    Very few people have been professionally trained in acting. Chances are you haven’t, so we will help direct your delivery and performance so it comes across as genuine, natural, and professional. Do you appear stiff, robotic, or nervous on camera? Does your lack of on-camera experience make you appear less confident or knowledgable? Does your performance hurt or help your credibility and approachability?
  5. Post Production
    iMovie is great for editing home videos, but when representing your brand you’ll want something a bit more powerful. Does the editing style and pacing add or subtract to your message? Do the colors and grading of the video reflect the right tone and feel? Are the graphical elements tasteful and well integrated into your video and your brand?

Do Your Research

We’ve had clients in the past that have wasted considerable time, resources, and money unsuccessfully trying to produce something internally. We offer a free consultation to discuss your project, so save yourself the headache and do some research! Explore your options and meet with several different video vendors to find out which one is the right partner for you.

There are a few situations where a quick and dirty internally-produced video is the best option for you. If your marketing or training dollars are better spent elsewhere we will tell you. While this seems counter-productive to our business model, it really isn’t. By helping future customers optimize their budgets and priorities we actually end up receiving more work and more referrals from them over the long haul, since we are truly focused on helping our clients succeed, not just on padding our bottom line.

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